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Patient Information

The friendly team at Antosz Orthodontics at Market Mall in Calgary will help you through your orthodontic services including braces and Invisalign for children, teens and adults.

Comfort Care Appointments

If something breaks, call our office immediately for advice to determine the urgency of your situation. We may wait until your next scheduled visit or arrange an earlier repair visit.

Your braces treatment will also include some information on how to treat some common problems at home, like irritating wires and brackets. If you need more information, download our patient care app below!

Eating With Braces

We recommend that you avoid the following or take extra precaution when eating them:

  • Sticky candies like toffee, jujubes, caramels, skittles etc.
  • Nuts, popcorn kernels
  • Hard granola bars
  • Suckers
  • Ice and popsicles
  • Hard candy (do not chew!)
  • Hard rolls, bagels, and pizza crust
  • hard fruits and veggies: cut or break up into small pieces and chew with back teeth
  • ribs and meat on bones
  • corn on the cob: cut off before eating
  • chewing pens, pencils, fingernails or using teeth to open things
  • Bubblegum (sugarless gum is okay!)

Have more questions about living with braces? Contact our friendly Market Mall Orthodontist team in Calgary team!

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Orthodontics Apps

Want to learn more about your orthodontic treatment? Download Dolphin Mobile for lots for helpful patient videos, tips and instructions!

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For current patients, download our Antosz Orthodontics App to earn points and redeem great prizes!

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