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Braces in Calgary - Orthodontist

At Antosz Orthodontics in Calgary at Market Mall our orthodontist specializes in straightening teeth. If you are looking for orthodontic services for the family, braces are the most common for kids, teens and adults.

Braces, Calgary Orthodontist

Looking for family braces in Calgary?

Antosz Orthodontics can accommodate your whole family - from kids to adults. You may need to get braces if you have crooked or misaligned teeth. Patients may get braces for aesthetic, functional or oral health reasons.

What are some common orthodontic problems?

There are many types of orthodontics problems:

  • crossbites,
  • overbites,
  • crowding,
  • TMD/TMJ and
  • excessive wear to name just a few.

These common orthodontic problems can become big problems if not addressed. Whatever your orthodontic issues, can can customize a treatment plan to fit your unique needs.

How much do braces cost in Calgary?

The cost of orthodontic care is dependent upon the needs of the individual patient. There is no standard fee for every patient.

At you or your child’s comprehensive examination, Dr. Antosz will assess treatment needs and you will be quoted a fee that is relevant to your child’s or your own unique treatment.

If two phases of treatment are recommended, it will not increase the overall cost of treatment.

Whether treatment is done in two stages or one, the cost will be similar. You will not save money by doing only one phase.

Contact us today today for your personalized and comprehensive orthodontic screening.

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